Learn What it Takes To Sell Online

10 Things You Didn't Know About Selling Online

E-commerce has made it possible to fulfill the dreams of more people than ever before -- to create things they love and then make money from this work. It's possible to do this today for more people than ever before, but there are still some fundamentals that you need to understand that aren’t obvious from day one. Here are ten tips for makers who want to grow their e-commerce business. These are our top ten tips to help grow manufacturers who want to open an online shop and capitalize on the mass consumer trend towards online shopping. Step one to success is making your products look amazing.

1. Photos, photos, photos You products are unique, which is part of their appeal. This also means that customers won't have ever seen them before and may not know anything about their particulars or quality. Once they've landed on your product, having absolutely fabulous photos, taken with good gear in good lighting and professionally edited to the correct image sizes, will help you to close the deal. You get bonus points for lifestyle-friendly sets (gorgeous living or vacation spaces in the background) or for great light tent work.

2. Detail, detail, detail What other information can you provide to help close the deal? You need to provide detailed, accurate information on your product pages. Do not limit yourself to a headline or a single sentence. Use bullets or a bullet-like format to communicate with your customers all sorts of information, including but not limited: How it is made It's made of: It is huge Aspects of visual appearance How long it will last. It also complements other products like and It complements lifestyles and activities. There will be fewer questions that shoppers need to ask, which will lead to more purchase interest.

3. Be different Today, there are very few new products on the market. There's a good chance that there are other products on the market that will be similar to what you're selling. Take the time to explain why they should purchase.Yours. You shouldn't limit yourself to one type of product. Sell the products that are best accompanied by other items. Do not feel that this must be a feature by feature comparison based on numbers and other quantifiable things. Perhaps your products were made by you. Perhaps they are preferred by nine of ten fairies. Perhaps yours might have been Han Solo's product of choice if he were real. It is important to make a statement and show your customers that you and your products are serious.DifferentFrom the other shops that shoppers are interested in buying from.

4. Accessorize There's a good possibility that your product could be used with another type of product. Because your products are unique, it's possible that shoppers will have difficulty finding accessories. It's not a bad thing. This is an opportunity to sell and make more stuff. If you make wooden furniture, consider offering matching cushions. Offer matching keychains and wallets if you sell custom phone cases. Offer 3D-printed dragon figurines if you also have 3D printed display stands. Then, sell the product. Next, sell accessories. You will delight your customers.

5. Remember the unboxing experience It is easy to get too focused on what you are making, and forget to think about how you deliver and present it. You're letting your customers down if you don't take the time to properly package your product. AliExpress now offers custom printed boxes and other packaging options for as low as pennies. You are also investing in your brand, products, and customer base by investing in them. 6. Advertise This one can be tricky as it is so frequently done wrong. But it is important to do it correctly. Pay-per-click advertising on Google and social media is a great way to get your products out to the right people. Show your products to shoppers in the same regions and customers that you already have. It's great if you can get customers to take a selfie of themselves talking about your product. It's possible. Advertise with it. Social media campaigns can be launched that offer special deals to shoppers who share your brand. It is important toNotWait for shoppers to find your business, but then go out and look for them.

7. Start planning early for scale It can feel like your first sale as a maker is your breakthrough. If you feel like you are running out of time to make more money, it can quickly become a sinking feeling of total collapse. As soon as you start to see sales, it is a good idea to look for ways to organize and streamline your manufacturing process.

8. Get legal advice as soon as possible E-commerce has many entrepreneurial truths.The momentAnyone can make money doing any job, and 100 to 1,000 others will do the same to get a piece. It is a depressing feeling to see someone else make and sell exactly what you have created. As soon as you start to see success, you should begin to think about what legal protection you can get with trademarks or copyrights. Protect your brand, products, process and everything else you care about.YourProducts that are unique It's too late if you wait to see the clones. Protect yourself now before the cloning process begins.

What you can sell

Fan Gear
Cool Designs
Pet Items

9. Do not limit yourself to one sales channel. You want to reach as many people as possible if your product resonates with customers. Continue to use yourShopify or Etsy storeAbsolutely. Add eBay. Or Amazon. Or both. There are many millions of shoppers in these marketplaces, and many of them shop.

Only On their market of choice 10. Tools to assist you in selling everywhere You can't reach all of the internet by your own efforts. You can easily double the number of places you sell to make your business more profitable. This wasn't your goal when all this began. So get tools -- inkFrog is one very popular example, but there are others -- that can enable you to do most of your non-making work on one place and that will then copy or synchronize your work to all of the other places where you sell as well, giving you one place to do the work of selling through many channels.

Few things are more satisfying for a maker than success on eBay, Amazon, or your own website. You won't feel overwhelmed by how people respond to the items you make. Isn't this what it means to live the dream?