My Selling Online Experience

Online selling was a great way to make money. I learned this by using my smartphone to sell and buy online.

It is here.

My sister-in law told me how to sell online since I don't have a job. ?!.. She helped me to figure it out.

Online selling was something I began to do in November 2017. I am so thankful that my sister-in law was there to help me.

As time goes by, I started encounter difficulties in doing

Understanding the PAYMENt First Policy

#Because my weakness it to say NO, I cannot say no buyers who ask me to get orders before collecting payment.. (and that's so hard for me since i have to spend my own money to meet my buyer's needs.

Cancellation by buyers if you have the item in your possession

#what can you do? They already cancelled it, and the worst thing was to block your access. It's a good idea!

Not having the money to pay the supplier

#I'm not a wealthy seller (and buyers tend think that online sellers should be rich).. but i had to ask my husband for extra money to pay my supplier. It's amazing, isn't? Haha, my business, my shop. If I have a problem, I need to ask my partner for help. I want my customers to be happy with me.

Buyers may ask for a discount, even if the item is already on SALE

#I assumed buyers would love it since it was on SALE. But what really happened behind closed doors was asking for a discount.

Buyers requesting meet-up time and locations

#before I used ask my buyers where they wanted to meet.

Waaaaaaaaahh! I want to shout! My own experience made me change my policy regarding meet ups.. I am now the one asking where and when to meet. If they don't want to, then. Goodbye! Please, next customer.

I like to do this every time i meet my customers..

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