How to get your first T-shirt sale
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How to get your first T-shirt sale

How to get your first T-shirt sale Your ecommerce journey begins with your online store being up and running. Next comes the first sale. This section will discuss a few things you can do to get your first customer quicker. 1. Review of product. Industry experts know that product reviews can increase sales growth. What if your product isn't being purchased by any customers? Your family and friends are the best people to order from your store, because they don't doubt its legitimacy. After they have done that, you can sit down with them and learn about their shopping experience. You can also ask them to review a product.


2. Giveaway to increase brand awareness To increase sales, you need to build your brand awareness. What is the best way to get people interested? Offer something free. Seattle-based online store Girlfriend Collective launched one product in April 2016 - eco-friendly leggings made from recycled plastics. To kick things off, the company decided to run a this-is-too-good-to-be-true campaign offering the new generation of activewear just for the cost of shipping. You heard it right! Free leggings! What was the result? 10,000 pairs sold in the first day and over 800 customer emails received asking to confirm that the campaign is not a scam.


3. Social media presence Businesses must be present on social media in order to be taken seriously in the digital world. You need to think beyond weekly promotions as a store owner. Be consistent and stay true to your brand voice. It is important to not only be known for what you sell but also what you stand up for. Simply put, use brand storytelling to connect with your audience through social media to drive engagement.


4. Influencers on social media Another option worth exploring is influencer marketing. A candid shout-out from an opinion leader can help you reach a niche audience you may not be able to reach. Don't confuse influencer-marketing with easy-to get ads.


5. Retargeting ads You'll see more people visiting your store. They will look through your product catalogues, add one or two products to their cart, and then leave without buying anything. How do you win the shopper back? By running retargeting campaigns. Retargeting ads make use of cookie-based technology to show custom ads to customers who have left your online shop without placing an order. In other words, you can bring the users back to your website by showing personalized ad on their Facebook and Instagram feeds, or Google.