How To Sell Online and Make Money
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How To Sell Online And Make Money

People love t-shirts. T-shirts can brighten up an entire outfit, make you stand out, or spark conversation. According to Statista, ecommerce sales amounted to $504.6 billion in 2018. How to Sell T-Shirts Online Although the idea of owning a t-shirt shop is exciting, it will require some hard work before you can see the sales. To start a successful business selling t-shirts, there are four essential steps.

1. Find your target audience and niche. Although you may be the first person in your circle to sell t-shirts online and design them yourself, there are many other entrepreneurs pursuing the same goal in ecommerce. Before you start designing and setting up your online store, it is important to ask one question: Who will buy your teshirts? If you answer "everyone", you are entering a dangerous zone. This will not only cost you money, but it can also cause you to lose valuable time. Who wants that? You've decided to sell tee shirts and now you are part of fashion and apparel. Although this is a great start, it won't help you identify your target audience. Everyone can wear a T-shirt!

2.  Create an online shop Once you've identified your target market, and found a niche for your product, it's now time to start setting up your store. BigCommerce is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms out there that lets you launch a store in a matter of a few minutes. Once you create your account, hit "Store setup" in your dashboard that will guide you through important steps of getting your store up. This includes: Setting up a storefront. Currencies. Payments Tax Shipping Accounting.

3. Add products to your shop. BigCommerce offers a number of integrations you can use to source products for your online store, so explore your options.

4. Failure is a learning experience. Realistically, your store won't get hundreds of thousands of orders within a few hours of its launch. But don't let that stop you from moving forward. Online store owners require resilience and creativity. Your research may have indicated the best design to drive sales but your assumptions might not be accurate. It is important that your customers have a voice.